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To be the leading Engineering and Construction Company in South Sudan in quality, integrity and resourcefulness.


To safely and profitably serve our clients' construction needs while maintaining a reputation for quality, integrity and employee satisfaction.

  1. To provide high quality and timely services to our esteemed clients.
  2. To draw and develop a pool of qualified professionals committed to teamwork and integrity.
  3. To be a market leader in innovation in the construction and engineering industry in South Sudan in provision of a full range of services.
  4. Be a market leader in provision of services which are economical and environment friendly to our chosen market.

Core Values:

We are committed to:

  1. Quality and stability.
  2. Professionalism
  3. Human Capital development.
  4. Environmental safety.
  5. Innovation.

Founded in 200 7 , Speed Construction Company Limited has built a solid reputation for market excellence, drawing on a rich history and a strong heritage of qualit y , stability and innovative leadership in the marketplace . Tod a y, we are one of the largest design-built civil engineering contracto r s in the Republic of South Sudan .

It is this heritage that allows us to possess the undisputed credential and stability to build lon g -term partnerships with our customers and offer them a full ran g e of diversified const r u c tion services, w ithout compromising the safe ty and conducive work environment for our emplo y ees all over South Sudan .

Our financial stren g th comes from the depth of our experience established over y ears of profitable work . Our bonding capacity has grown to accommodate medium to largest projects and has brought about grow th of our mana g ement and technical resources over the y ears we have been in operation.

This long standing stabilit y , along with our commitment to Building Excellence, ensures C lients ' peace of mind and confidence while maintaining faith in our company for the unforeseeable future . We seek to develop long term client relationships and remain customer focused in our day to day operations.

Our services:

Management Team:

Speed construction attracts and has developed a pool of experienced professionals who are able to meet our clients at their points of needs. Our Propensity for professionalism and work ethics is our pride.

The management is comprised of highly qualified and experienced engineers who have worked on different types of projects in their career life. This gives Speed a competitive advantage in the market and enables us to identify the needs of different market segmentations.


P re - Construction Services

We work with the owner and the design team in the early phase of drawings, to provide value en g ineering and suggestions for sittin g , constructabilit y , budget and schedulin g .

Within our Preconstruction services, we act as a value-added member of the design team, enhancing the design segment of the job b y providing accurate pricing information and marr y ing the budget to the actual state-of-the-art design.

By incorporating elements of sustainability and maintenance costs into our design review, our

Services become more affordable and economically viable. Our pre-construction team works to reduce the overall project cost b y s aving time, labor and expenses . The result is a building desi g ned to the owner ' s specifications and meeting his expectations.

Our p reconstruction S er vic e s include:

  • Conceptual B udg e ting
  • Value En g ineering
  • Life-C y cle Anal y sis
  • Sch e duling
  • Phase Anal y sis
  • Estimation.

Construction Services

As a fully integrated construction services company, Speed Construction Company possesses the expertise and versatility needed to bring efficiency to any project.

We have developed a wide ran g e of construction services that cater to the following market

segments: Heavy Civil Construction, Commercial / I ndustrial Construction, Municipal

Construction and L and Development.

Concrete Construction Services

Our diverse line of concrete construction services incorporates various concrete appli ca tions methods with an extensi v e knowled g e base of experience.

Structural Construction Services

Our structural construction services a r e built on a solid found a tion of operational management expertise and knowledge that gives us the versatility to participate in projects of var y ing size and complexit y .

Excava t ion & Underground Construction Ser v ices

Our experience with large complex underground service cont r a c ts, l a nd d e velopment contracts and the construction of new roadwa y s has enhanced our expertise in earth moving and under g round se r vi ce s.

Environ m ental Construction Services

Our comprehensive line of environmental construction services are a result of our dedic a tion to the preservation of our environment and n a tu ra l r e sou rce s.

Design Build Construction Services

Our design build construction services incorporate value added desi g ns and construction mana g ement methodologies tailored to meet our custom e r n e eds.


Speed construction has been serving a wide clientele with different needs and expectations. We have done business in:

Education centers/institutions.

Our team's experience in the education construction arena is impressive . As a builder, a trade's contractor, and a Construction Manager, we have been building education institutions since her inception . Sp ee d is currently managing numerous education contracts that involve up to 15 individual buildings. We have both the capacity and expertise to build your education institutions.

Of f ice B uilding

Our team has extensive experience with office buildings, and worship spaces which fulfill any construction needs, be it an addition, renovation or new construction . We bring the simplified approach that client ' s appreciate, coupl e d with the w ea lth of experience and professionalism that comes from being an industry leader.


Speed has healthcare experience in ever y thing from small outpatient facilities to major medical campuse s . These projects have included renovati o ns, additions and new construction. The issues that arise in healthcare construction are distinct from any other t y pe of work because of the sensitive nature of the building ' s environment. I nfection control, risk mana g ement and the challenges that come with working in an active facility are all major issues that must be dealt w ith.

Our professionals are familiar with these t y pes of complications and have the experience to meet them with effective solutions.

Road construction.

We are aware of the potential challenges facing projects of this manner and are able to minimize their impact, saving time and managing the costs.


Working in an industrial setting presents a unique set of challenges and demands. Time schedules are often the driving factor in these kinds of projects. Speed has the ability to self-perform a greater percentage of the work that industrial construction entails, allowing us to drive the schedule and deliver our projects on time.


Speed addresses clients' concerns and needs in the retail market segment. Our associates are experienced at responding to the needs of the retailers and developers. Our cost-effective solutions and critical scheduling methods have made us a top retailer builder, this work has largely comprised of the retail centers, residential buildings, departmental stores, grocery stores and a variety of specialty projects.

Water Resources

Speed Construction has been responsible for countless water and waste water tre a tm e nt pl a nt projects since her inception. Our success in this market is rooted in several different facto r s. One of our greatest stren g ths is our experience . Water and wastewater work has been a vital part of Speed ' s histor y .

Our construction professionals have an intimate knowledge of the processes and labor r e quir e d to successfully complete these projects on time and on bud g et, and we have a consistent track record of doing just th a t . We also take pride in our ma r k e t knowled g e . Thanks to our e x tensive experience in our region, we know which contractors have the ability to perform on our projects and they know who we are as well . When Speed is awarded a project we mobilize a quality team of who will get the work done.